They got a Dream


After e period on the sidelines with racing pigeons; Preben go to return to the sport again. He set him some very clear goals. He wanted to find a partner who could help fulfill his dreams of getting to flying at the top of the long and marathon flights in Denmark. A real natural choice fell on Team Eriksson, who for many years has shown results. First on the middle distance, later also real top results on the long distance. Bo and Mogens had several championess and several regional winners. Because of that it foul naturally to make a dream for 2021.  Team Eriksson raced after the naturally system who pleased Preben very well, because he thinks:  The naturally system works better than the widowhood system on the long races.

We can therefore say they created a dream, that come true here in the racing season 2021.

The Team today consist of Bo – Mogens and Preben. Where they each have their role in the Team. Bo pulls the big load with daily to take care at the racing and breeding loft.  Mogens are helpful with the young’s every day in the summer period.  Preben is Webmaster for the Team and help when he got time and the works allow.

The Loft are placed in the middle of the island Fyn and if they shall fly in top the pigeon shall learn to fly the last 60-70 kilometers over water . It is not always easy to find pigeons who can match this but it is a must if they shall be in top they had to do it.

They have created a dream of too peaks on the long flights here in 2021, where they have focused focus only on it, turned out that it could succeed to everyone´s three satisfaction.

The basis for part of the success is that they have got long flight blood in their breeding loft from the international top in Europe.  And the Team have always only got new pigeons from the top of international and national pigeon sport.

The leading loft here is pigeon form Verweij de Haan in Midrecht in the Netherlands.  This is a loft the became in their mind after they have been in the top on long distance races in several years in the sport in the Netherlands and international too.

Bo and Preben have always believed at the pigeons from Michel and Peter and the first hint came last year when we became provincial winner from Hannover with a one-year-old male after “Thyphoon” an “Bo´s Darling” Expectations were at the top when we started at season 2021`long distance and Marathon races.  The form curve was clearly going up the further they got into the season, and it culminate with three results which were a little bit outstanding.  From Hof they became National winner with “Robin” – From Giesen they became 2. Regional with a one-year-old female. At last, from Antwerp the team got on top of the list again an became Regional winner with “Catwoman l “which is half-sister to “Robin” their National winner from Hof

Today they have direct offspring of the pigeons which form the basis for many top results on the very long races in the Netherlands and all over Europe.  Both at the Verweij de Haan loft but just important in many lofts the pigeons from Midrecht are in the pedigree on toppers when you work seriously with them.

The firs Male they will present is “Son of Batman” He is as the name say son of “Batman” who did his best result from Marseille as 10 Nationalt.  “Batman” is son of their old star “Barry” who comes from Gebr, Jacobs He raced super at the top with several top results with 28th National from St. Vincent. “Barry “is father to to the comp. international winner from Agen 2015 against over 30000 pigeons.  Back to “Son of Batman” He is grandson of the super breeder “Milos” It is a male who is outstanding.  He was a super racer but has proven to be an eminent breeder and he is still fertile in a age of 19 years.  The mother side is also interesting as “MG780” is Grandmother. It is Arjan Beens blood from the top racer “Olympic Miss Gijsje “

“Son of Batman” is in 2021 the father of four winning pigeons who is breed with 3 different females. So here it really shows that “Son of Batman” is usual.

“Robin” Best Acepigeon Longdistance in Denmark 2021 with the lowest coefficient – National winner from Hof – 2. Provincial from Wurtsburg and 3. Provincial from Giesen. Here is the mother:” Lady Blue” again with the breeding star “Milos” as grandfather and “Jones” and “Red Rose” as grandparents.

“Catwoman l” Regional winner from Antwerp as one year old. She got born I dec 2019 and therefore a old ring. She raced Dresden as youngster. Mother here is “PØ´s Barcagirl” who is a top female directly after “Prins Barcelona” who topped fra Barcelona and was 1. National in the Netherlands and 4. Internatioanlt with over 17.000 participants. He was subsequently sold to Ulrich Lemmens Belgium where he is a part of the breeding team that Ulrich Lemmens has about to create a racing team that can peak on the very long distance.

“Lemme l” Became provincial winner from Münster af the loft of LM Sørensen 023and no less a 2. Acepigeon section 54 as one -year old. Here is “PØ´s Barcagirl” also mother.  So she is full brother to “Catwoman l”

“Catwoman ll” She is provincial winner from Altona. Here is “Miss Holland” mother again with “Milos” on the pedigree as grandfather.

“Son of Batman” is definitely a very special breeding male who will get the full focus he deserves forward.


"Son of Batman"

"Robin" Nationalwinner Hof 1Ace Pigeon Long

"Catwoman 1! Regional winner Antwerpen 2021

"Catwoman 2" Provincialwinner Altona

"Son of Barry"

Next they want to highlight is “Son of Barry” A bit of the same lineage as “Son of Batman” Just here one step closer to the golden drops of blood from “Barry” who is the father. That does he is half-brother to Verweij de Haan´s international winner “Ballotelli” from Agen 2015 against over 30000 pigeons and also to “Batman”

He is father of “Barry”Queen “ who is “The Found of the Year “ and 1. Acepigeon Youngster section 31

He is also father “Paris by Night” which became 3. Provincial and 15. National form Paris and nr 11 provincial and 90. National form Münich

They can see a great potential which they far from believe has been fully utilized the gene bank from Verweij de Haan In addition of the two males mentioned their loft have direct descendants on the absolute top pigeons at the Verweij de Haan loft.  Here can they mention:

“Daughter of Milos” A daughter direct after the old topper “Milos” who is a male I think you only perhaps find once in you careers in the pigeon’s sport.  “Daughter of Milos” is mother to our two-winning pigeon on Ostseerennen 2021 and also “Petruska” who became 8. Ace pigeon section 54 as one year old raced by LM Soerensen 023. “Milos “is a whole chapter, and form to entire foundation of the Verweij de Haan loft.  He is after a full brother to “Toon” and “Kopie Toon” who all came from Van de Beek. After a super career as racer, he became a very important breeder, and father grandfather and great grandfather to a countless winning pigeon, and he is without a doubt one of the most important breeding pigeons in the Netherland through the last 10-15 years when we are talking long distance race. He´s genes are found in many places in many countries, so it works. Here it only be mentioned that the 2. Acepigeon International om marathon races has “Milos” on the father ond the mother side It was raced by Romaian Constantin Stoin in Romania It is just to mention that the blood works all over Europe. To list all results after the old white feather will be too comprehensive and we can only encourage interested to google about it Example on there is several articles Then it will be clear that “Milos” is in a class on its own. 

"Blue Rose"

“Blue Rose” Daughter of Peter and Michels  Ace pigeon  “Red Rose” with “Red Ross” as father who is after Jones. “Red Rose” had a great career and was 4. National from Perpignan as best result. She was also 1. European Acepigeon Perpignan 2015-2016.

“Daughter of Chanel Messi” is “Daughter of Chanel Messi” who is mother to “Miss Milos” who was 7. National from ST. Vincent as best result and at same time 2. International Acepigeon long distance 2017.  “Dauhgter of Chanel Messi “is mother of 1. Ace pigeon youngster in section 53 for Team Mølholt 068

“Son of Robben” Direct son of a really top pigeon: “Robben” who excelled from Pau and was best International Ace pigeon from Pau 2016-2017 He raced as nr 9. And 19. National from Pau.  “Son of Robben is father of 1. Ace pigeon youngster in section 53 for Team Mølholt 068.

“Son of Red Messi” is son of “Red Messi” who has been the lofts Barcelona racer for several years The mother is “Izzy” who also race from Barcelona and was the 2. Pigeon on the loft and nr 77 National in the Netherlands this year.

“Son of Jones “is direct son of “Jones “He is some we forgotten but he is very important for the loft in Midrecht. He is on many pedigrees and is among other things father on their new hope “Red Ross”. “Son of Jones” is father to 8. Ace pigeon section 54 as yearling raced by LM Sørensen 023.

A New star that they got late in the breeding season 2021 that they dont have many young after him. He is “Team E´s Kopie” He is direct son after the star “Kopie Toon” who is full brother to “Toon” and to the father of “Milos” Peter de Haan says that it probably the best he has breed after the old star. So here we are all the way back in the generations close to the old starting pigeons which came from Van den Beek who race with quite few pigeons but at the top.

One more leg to the breeding loft is that they have two where “Olympic Miss Gissje” is on the pedigree.

“Olympic Miss Gijsje” came from Arjan Beens who locally called “The Miracle Man “from Genemuide .  He raced in top on the long race and was I the top with among others Olympic Miss Gijsje” – “Snelle Jelle” etc.  He chose to stop and sell everything but has fortunately started up again here for few years ago. The MG blood is found I the Netherlands on many long distance pigeons Here can we just mention Jelle Jellema who has a son after “Olympic Miss Gijsje” called “MG430” He is among other things father to Jelle Jellema`s National winner from Barcelona 2020 and a lot of  other top pigeons at The Jellema Loft in Niverdal . Verweij de Haan also has a daughter of Olympic Miss Gijsje” who excelled in the breeding loft It can be found on the pedigree to “Son of Batman” and to Peter and Michel´s Frenkie and many others.  Harold Zwiers is also a loft who use thew genes from Arjan Beens with super results.

Team Eriksson have two breeding pigeons with MG blood

“MG 386” after a daughter of “Olympic Miss Gijsje”

“Team E´s MG “is a inbreeding on both the father and mother side and isa double grandson n “Olympic Miss Gijsje” and “Snelle Jelle” from Arjan Beens 

"Pø´s Barcegirl" Daughter of "Prins Barcelona" 1 National Barcelona Netherlands 2015

One last female that should be mentioned is “PØ´s Barcegirl”. She is direct after 1Nat Barcelona I the Netherlands on 4. INT out of 17729 sent. On the mother side there is also great Barcelona results, and we can find several National winners from the long distances in the geneS. She has already shown her breeding value and she is mother of “Catwoman l” Regional winner from Attwerp, and of “Lemme l” provincial winner from Münster and Ace Pigeon I section 54 for LM Sørensen 023. A super female with fantastic genes.


It is blood they have seen works in the Netherlands so why should it not work in Denmark, and they are really good for the Verweij de Haan pigeons  as Team Eriksson have.



2. Regional Giesne 2021

Anothet line of the loft that the Team works with is Van den Bulck line. 

The requirement for this is that they must be able to partipate in the long race. Theu have proven this so far and Nr 2 from Giesne Regionalt was pure VAanden Bulck after af couple who come from Grodon Bross Ireland where there is great breeding results behind. Their top males "Late Man" and "Dream Rode" are grandfathers to "Rote 1188" so she does not have it from strangers. These are pigeons that are closely monitored to see if they can meet the requirements 

"Golden Beauty"
1. Ace Pigeon National Female longdistance

In addition to the material we must forget that Bo and Ulrik Lejre have a fantastic collaboration bly saFEon the "Golden Couple" which havs thrown countless winning pigeonsboth at Bo an Ulrik but also other lofts can we find the genes of the old couple. 

Also here i 2021 Team Eriksson had the best National Avce Pigeon female Longdistance with " Golden Beauty"  So the old Danish blood can also deliver results at the top level still. It is af slightly untraditional pedegree : Horeman/ Janssen which is sprint and longdistance blood. But it gives pigeon that are incredibly safe and fast and must be what we can call a perfect all-round pigeon, who can make results on all distances 

eam Eriksson have something to be optimistic about when they look against to the season 2022 where they will have full focus on Marathon and the 6 long distance race It will be difficult, but the material is there 

They are quite proud of their results this year, but it only makes it extra exciting if they can maintain them or improve them.  They are looking forward to next season and have already started creating new dreams. 

Will you see more about the Team so look as:

Resultater 2021: 

DdB : 

 2. Super Cup 

 2. DM Long distance  flyvning 

 3. DM Marathon 

 1. Langflyvermesterskab Åbent sektion 31. 

 1. Langflyvermesterskab Sport sektion 31

 1. Etårs Mesterskab DdB  sekton 31

 1. Ungemesterskab DdB Åben

 1. Langflyvervandrepræmie (!Erling Vestergaard )


 5. National Cup  under 2750 km


 1: Matador & Bachs Vandrepræmie 


 1. Sponsorflyvningen Uge 28 Hof  ( Melgaard Pet`s Vandrepokal 


 Nationalvinder Hof ----  Ddb's ærespræmie 


 2 stk. Regionsvindere 


 5 stk. sektionsvindere 


Esduer nationalt  : 

  220-19-1405 "Robin" 1. Nationalt Esdue Lang   

  242-18-3110 "Golden Lady " 1 Esdue Nationalt Lang 

  242-16-1699  15. Esdue Nationalt Marathon 


Esduer Region 

  220-19-1405   1 Esdue Lang A 

  242-18-3110   2. Esdue Lang U

  220-20-1138   8. Esdue U

  220-17-514     8. Esdue A


Esdue Sektion: 

  220-19-1405   1. Eslue sek 31 Lang  A

  242-18-3110   1. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-20-1138   3. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-18-0033   4. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-17-514     4. Esdue sek 31 Lang A

  220-19-1479   5. Esdue sek 31 Lang A

  220-17-562     5. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-16-844     6. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-19-936     7. Esdue sek 31 Lang U

  220-19-1471   9. Esdue sek 31 Lang A

  242-17-2376 10. Esdue sek 31 Lang A           



Sekton 31: 


 1. Sektion 31`s Supermesterskab Unger 


 6. Fyens Mesterskabet unger 


Esduer  Sektion 31 : 

Gamle :             3. Esdue  220-19-1248


Årets Etårs :   3. 220-20-1150

                              4. 220-20-1183

                           10. 220-20-1248


Årets Esunge   1. 220-21-1839


Årets fund         1. 220-21-1839

                               2. 220-21-1848

                               3. 220-21-1884



220 Odense : 


15 stk Foreningsvindere